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We believe that a product should be widely acceptable by all and extremely consumable by all as well. That is why we have chosen online services like Success Videos, Finance eBooks and your very own Travel booking engine. National Gift Cards are our main product for Program 2. You are welcome to become a lifetime member and share in our great rewards or just simply purchase our gift cards for your chosen purpose. Either way, Quick Silver Cash is your gateway to the nations best gift Cards, everyday!

Our newest product Pro-Active Leisure Benefits is a yearly subscription for the very best travel centered benefits 

If you chose not to join our membership program, you are welcome to  just purchase our gift cards at face value in any denomination.

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We are Expanding!

We are Expanding!

AppiTravels is your gateway to the world!

Appi Travels is our newest income partner and your newest opportunity within an opportunity. We have officially joined forces with this top Lifestyles Company with a massive global footprint. Not only can you enjoy travel and international adventures for the lowest prices, but you can also earn travel points for discounts and loads of $$$$ for sharing the Opportunity

We are Expanding!

We are Expanding!

We are Expanding!


Our Leadership Team collectively, has

over 500 years of Relationship Marketing

and Management experience!

We come from the field so

we know how to answer your questions.

Other than Canada we have new members in the USA, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, The Philippines, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Barbados, Jamaica, England, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Tanzania, Botswana, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Upcoming Services

Upcoming Services

Upcoming Services


Motor Club of America is our newest partner. Get started with the best roadside service plan in North America. Get your membership today!

Check back daily for updates on our upcoming services

AppiTravels is a world leader in Discount Travel Services and QSC is making participation easy for you. 


Upcoming Services

Upcoming Services



Who owns Quicksilvercash.com?


Chris Swasey, Ceo/ Founder


Can I withdraw money anytime I earn it?


Yes, but only if you are an active member. An active member must sponsor at least 2 people before withdrawal if no personal activity has occurred in the last 60 days. No payments shall be made to non active members who abandon their team. You must help those that have helped you earn.

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